Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hello My food Rocks!!

I love to cook, eat, and dream about food!!! I love cooking for other people, and whenever I do they rave about my food. The food that I cook is healthy, simple, and delicious. The other day my partner suggested that I start a blog about my food so that other people can enjoy simple, good, healthy, gluten free food.  Therefore that is what this blog is for.  I will share with you my simple, scrumptious, and fun recipes. In addition to living a gluten free life I live on an extremely tight budget.  I am a poor educator and so I have to make a lot of food from scratch because boxed and pre-made gluten free food is extremely expensive and high in preservatives. When I first started eating gluten free three years ago it was hard because I did not know where to shop, what to buy, or even how to get variety in my food. However I have learned that eating and cooking gluten free can be really fun, exciting, and easy if you have the right help!!

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