Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tips to save money

One of the ways that I save money and eat great food is by having a garden. Right at the moment I am harvesting spinach, cilantro, and Asian Greens. Therefore in the next couple of posts you will see recipes that are using a lot of those vegetables.

I like to buy whole chickens instead of just pieces. It is cheaper to make a whole chicken and then you are able to use this protein source for recipes throughout the week. In addition when I buy a chicken I almost always plan on doing a chicken and vegetable soup because I can boil the carcass and use it as the protein source.

Learn to like and how to cook many different vegetables. This way you are able to cook whatever is on special. I also use many different vegetables in my cooking so that I am able to use only a little bit of one thing. For example with a head of broccoli I will put the crowns in a salad, stir-fry, curry, or korma but then I will save the stem. Then with the broccoli stem I will peel the broccoli and the I will cut the inner core into pieces and will use these in a soup. Therefore I am able to get two meals out of one head of broccoli. I always try to use every part of the vegetable. In addition when I can buy cheap vegetables I use more of these vegetables and then I am able to stretch the expensive vegetables over a couple of meals.

Shop at multiple places. For example in Eugene I shop at The Grocery Outlet because they have a fairly good selection of organic food for fantastic prices I also shop at Sundance and they have a 50% shelf and there I am able to go distressed produce. This normally means that the foods needs to be eaten that day or the next. Distressed could also mean that there is one spot that needs to be cut off and then it can be enjoyed!!

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