Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tips to Save

One thing that I do is freeze!! I love to go berry picking in the spring and summer and than in fall and winter you can make smoothies, pies, crisps, or even just have berries for your pancakes and oatmeal. In general picking saves a lot of money. In Eugene off of River road I have found a 100% organic loyal strawberry patch. They charge $11.00 for a bucket that fits 7 to 8 pints. Also you can eat as many as you want when you are in the field, so go for breakfast!! Blackberries are free in Oregon. I Suggest that when you go pick you try and find a place that is away from highways, so that the berries are as free from sprays and toxins as possible. I also freeze summer squash, freezer jam, peppers, carrots, bread, soup, spaghetti sauce, and meat.

Buy in bulk. It saves money and the environment. The store I buy my bulk from lets me bring my own container, so I do not have to use bags. They just weigh the contains empty for me :) I then write the weight on the top of the jar, so that next time I do not have to ask them to weigh it for me. Love it, Sundance Grocery in Eugene is an awesome store!

Plan meals!! One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they do not plan out meals for the week. Try to look through what you have and what is on sale and eat accordingly.

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